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The Africa Institute of Directors, Many think and talk about changing the Africa. In the present turbulent times of failing & struggling corporate, wobbly economies, unprecedented climate change and rising market risks and insecurities, it becomes imperative to think of a sustainable corporate world. In the ultimate analysis, corporates are Vital partners in development. It has since grown manifold, bringing to focus and finding solutions to some of the most burning issues related to boardroom practices, Quality, Environment Good Governance, CSR, Sustainability, Climate Change and the development agenda that many groups and organizations now talk about.

AID has over the years grown to associate with around 31,000 senior executives, representing prominent organizations from the private, public and government sectors India-wide, and now, increasingly, world-wide.

AID was one of the first to think of enhancing Governance and Sustainability through a constructive engagement, focusing on a principle-based model of corporate governance that values 7Ds- Disruption of status quo, Dispersal of Authority, Diversity, Dissent, Dialogue, Disclosure and Directors’ training for the boards to lead the change. It espouses integrity, transparency and accountability, as the competitive differentiators. Every year, AID holds a number of international conferences, on a diverse range of subjects from Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Leadership, Total Quality Management, Business Excellence, Boardroom Agenda, Competition Law, CSR, Environment and Climate change, as ways to reach out to the change makers & policy advisors.

AID forums try to transform the corporate psyche by demonstrating how ethical, responsible, transparent and equitable agenda can become the competitive advantage. It has redefined Sustainability. The wide networking and extended dialogue opportunities that it’s national & international conferences held in India and abroad provide to the fraternity of business, industry and governments are valued most by the participants.

The Africa Institute of Directors has promoted International cooperation and awareness on boardroom through various international & national conferences, training programmes, and a wide range of publications, books, hand books, winners' digest and it’s in-house monthly journal-‘Quality Times’, which has since upgraded to ‘Directors Today’.

The Africa Institute of Directors (AID) is the national association of company directors. It works closely with the authorities and regulators, and its network of members and professionals to uphold and enhance the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct.

The AID’s membership comprises mainly directors of commercial companies and non-profit organisations, as well as lawyers, accountants, academics and other professionals in the field of corporate governance. The affairs of the AID are directed by an elected Governing Council and managed by an Executive Team.

The AID has a comprehensive professional education curriculum that covers the entire spectrum of a director’s developmental needs. Numerous courses cater to the different groups of directors – from aspiring and new directors, to experienced directors and Chairmen of Boards, and the various Board Committees.

In particular, the AID provides thought leadership on corporate governance and directorship issues. It keeps directors apprised of the latest thinking and happenings through a quarterly Directors’. Statements of Good Practices, boards and directorship surveys, research publications, and forums and seminars.

To encourage excellence in corporate governance, the AID manages the Best Managed Board Award, the Best CEO Award and the Best Investor Relations Award; these are presented at the annual Africa Corporate Awards which it co-organises with the Institute of Africa Chartered Accountants and The Business Times.
The AID also provides other value-add services to its members including regular networking events and socials, board appointment services, and a one-stop information service on governance related matters.

AID's Primary Role is two-fold :

Representational: Focusing on issues relating to corporate Directors (including Independent Directors), in government, public and private sectors, in appropriate fora.
Developmental: Professional development of Directors and honing their skills (including Independent Directors) and other top executives.

We would like to welcome you to explore the unique platform developed by the Africa Institute of Directors.
The Institute is aiming to provide high level networking opportunities to the top management of global enterprises.

Our invitations are sent out selectively to the upper echelon of global enterprises and I assure you that you will be networking
with the movers and shakers of the business community through this exclusive Membership.

The Africa Institute of Directors has been governed by its core values; they define the character of our Company and they serve your business needs. AID strives to promote and strengthen business relationships built on trust and transparency among various business professionals and takes down barriers between business people of different nationalities.
We are a global business-based in Africa, with ambassadors in all African. Our Members are carefully chosen and get to partake in events hosted by the AID, allowing them to expand their business horizons under one roof and get to enjoy the benefits associated with their Membership.
The AID offers 2 types of Memberships: Individual and Institutional. The Membership is available to business professionals in different industries, from general to top management of global enterprises. Our Members include decision makers, top management, educated and experienced in many sectors including investment, property, aviation, media, oil and gas, construction, fashion, manufacturing and trading.
The success of the AID has paved the way for many other initiatives that have helped expand business opportunities for our Members.        

Members, both men and women of different nationalities, have been carefully selected and get to partake in programs which include international network events, conferences, training programmes and one on one interaction with top business professionals, allowing them to expand their business horizons under one roof.

Our Members enjoy privileges such as high quality leads, attending ‘Members only’ events with government officials and promoting their own businesses in a relaxed atmosphere.

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