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We Publish
AID is recognized as a national and international resource for corporate governance. The institute promotes its advocacies through the following publications:
•    Position Papers
•    Director Surveys
•    Director Handbooks
•    Corporate Governance Cases

We Educate
AID offers corporate governance learning solutions specifically for board members and key executives. Through customized in-depth lectures, case studies and structured learning experiences facilitated by faculty recognized for their expertise, AID’s seminars aim to professionalize the practice of corporate directorship – helping directors make the leap from compliance to performance.
•    Corporate Governance Orientation Program
•    Professional Directors Program
•    Distinguished Corporate Governance Speaker Series
•    Advanced Corporate Governance Training Program
•    Corporate Secretary as Corporate Governance Professional Program
•    Enhancing Audit Committee Effectiveness
•    Business Integrity Workshop
•    Family Business Governance Workshop
•    Board Strategy for Directors
•    Strategy Execution Pathway (Essentials and Masters) Workshops

We Empower
With the wealth of board directorship experience of its Teaching Fellows and facilitators, AID can optimize boards’ performance to deliver maximum value for a company’s stakeholders.

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