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Who We Are
The Africa Institute of Directors (AID) is a non-stock, not-for-profit organization dedicated to professionalizing corporate directorship and raising the corporate governance standards of the Philippines. To establish and promote higher corporate governance standards in the Africa. AID is part of the Centers for Excellence in Governance (CEG).

The Africa Institute of Directors (AID) is a Professional Institute which promotes directors, develops corporate governance, represents our members to government, enhances the economy for business development and provides services to our membership.
Africa Institute of Directors (AID) will promote good corporate governance in Africa by empowering those who are charged with governance duties to effectively and legally discharge those duties;
Africa Institute of Directors (AID) aims to safeguard the integrity and status of directorship as a profession by serving as the professional body for directors and through the provision of a professional designation which serves to assess and credit mastery;
Africa Institute of Directors (AID) would take a continuing and effective interest in legislation as this relates to governance and directors’ duties in order to ensure as far as possible that basic commercial freedoms and rights are preserved and that a climate conducive to sound economic growth is maintained;
Africa Institute of Directors (AID) commits to undertake, provide and support or assist in research, thought leadership, guidance, advice, opportunities for peer interaction, education and training which may assist in the attainment or advancement of any of the objects of Africa Institute of Directors (AID)
Africa Institute of Directors (AID)  represents directors in their individual capacity and empowers them to contribute significantly to the welfare of the companies they run and to national development. Africa Institute of Directors (AID)  works to establish and maintain contact amongst business leaders at the highest levels and interfaces with government for the creation and entrenchment of favourably business friendly policies in seemingly challenging circumstances for the creation of wealth.
Africa Institute of Directors can safely be described as a prime leadership forum that helps directors to fulfil their legal and professional responsibilities for the benefit of business and society as a whole.
Africa Institute of Directors is a not-for-profit, membership organization which enjoys the support of key market core institutions namely the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as well as international multilateral organizations such as the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Today, Africa Institute of Directors is accepted domestically and internationally for its leading role in corporate governance, and has been cited as one of the most successful professional body in the national and international forums.
In Africa Institute of Directors has long been recognised as an influential and respected membership organisation in Nigeria. With more than 30 years' success, we are measured by our members, who are some of the most skilled and experienced business leaders in the country, representing the full business spectrum.
Along with strengthening the range of membership benefits available to members around the world, Africa Institute of Directors represents the views of its members at the continental level as one of the members of Africa Corporate Governance Network. Africa Institute of Directors was admitted as a member of the Africa Corporate Governance Network.

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