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Africa Institute of Directors confers meritorious Awards to deserving individuals who have not only distinguished themselves in their areas of speciality but impacted positively on the growth and development of business in Africa.
The aim of the Africa Institute of Directors Awards is to raise awareness amongst the wider business community and general public of the significant contribution business leaders, public office holders and corporate entities can make to society and to economic prosperity. The Africa Institute of Directors Awards will reward Excellence, showcase Leadership and set the Standard for directors in Nigeria. The Awards will be presented to the recipients during the Africa Institute of Directors Annual Dinner.

There are five categories of Awards and they are bestowed on the recipients at the December Annual Directors Dinner & Award Ceremony, which is held in Lagos.
•    Good Governance Award
•    Entrepreneurial Award
•    Director Development Award

This is awarded to past public officers who have distinguished themselves while serving in office. It recognizes and celebrates public office holders who have developed their communities, lifted people out of poverty and paved the way for sustainable and equitable prosperity and highlights exceptional role models for the country.

•    Former public office older.
•    left office at least three years before the Award.
•    Served his/her term without blemish.
•    Demonstrated exceptional leadership
•    Financial prudence and Accountable
•    Respect for the Rule of Law
•    Effective and Efficient administration
•    Transparent and responsive to needs of the governed
•    Equitable and Inclusive
•    Probity

Corporate Governance
Corporate governance is the structure through which an organisation is directed, controlled and held accountable. It defines a framework of rights, responsibilities, procedures and relationships amongst the various stakeholders of an organisation, including its directors, managers, shareholders and regulators.
The board of directors – or equivalent governing body - is at the heart of any framework of corporate governance, and is arguably the most important mechanism for ensuring that the organisation makes effective decisions which are consistent with its ultimate objectives and mission.

What the section covers:
The corporate governance section of the website covers a range of issues that affect directors and those on the governing bodies of other types of organisation including:
•    (1) The relationship between directors and shareholders
•    (2) Governance of unlisted companies and public bodies
•    (3) Corporate responsibility and sustainability
•    (4) The role of the director and the board
•    (5) Corporate governance in Africa
•    (6) Corporate governance codes
•    (7) The Companies Act
•    (8) Risk management

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