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Research shows that among the characteristics of high performing boards is a balanced and diverse board of directors. However, most companies today tend to depend on the personal networks of their board and management when searching for board candidates. A few are widening their reach and taking a more arm’s length approach by using professional search firms. Notwithstanding, companies tend to limit their use of search firms to specific situations such as finding international directors, for cost reasons.

AID offers a set of affordable board appointment services that companies can tap on to find and appoint suitable directors. Depending upon a company’s needs and interests, a company can leverage on AID’s services for the entire process (Board Match) or to reach out to potential candidates (Board Post).

i. Available Pool of Qualified Directors
SID has an extensive directory of directors who are willing to serve as independent directors on boards. AID’s members comprise directors of private companies, companies listed on the Singapore Exchange and other international exchanges, and nonprofit organisations. They have the depth and breadth of technical competencies and experiences in a diverse range of backgrounds. More importantly, AID’s Continuing Professional  Development requirements and comprehensive training curriculum ensure that its members are developed professionally, and stay abreast of the latest developments in boardroom matters.

ii. Affordable Fees
AID fees are tiered based on size of companies and type of services the companies are seeking, to ensure that fees are kept affordable. Fees will be provided upon request.

iii. Comprehensive Search and Assessment Process

I. Board Match - Finding the right fit for your board can be a long process. AID’s Board Match offers a comprehensive approach to help companies search for independent directors. AID works hand-in-hand with the company in each part of the search and appointment process which include discussing with the company on their board’s skills and gaps that need to be filled.

II. Board Post - Board Post allows a company to directly reach out to AID members in its search for new directors. The company will identify its specific needs for, and the requisite qualifications of the new director candidate(s). The company may or may not be named, at its option, in the Board Post which sets out the profile of the company and its desired director candidate(s). The Board Post will be communicated to AID members via an e-circular sent to its members (except for those who opt out of Board Posts).

For further information on Board Appointment Services or Corporate Membership, please contact the Secretariat at: AID

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