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As regulators’ and investors’ expectations of boards continue to increase and as the business environment continues to change rapidly, directors are seeking affirmation that their governance practices are effective, fit for purpose, and clearly communicated to stakeholders. It is therefore no surprise that more than a thousand directors and executives participate annually in our surveys. Because the topics making their way onto boardroom agendas are more varied than ever before, staying informed is key to success. As boards tackle this growing list of items, directors find value in benchmarking their approach to issues that range from board composition to cyber-risk oversight.
This year’s survey offers great insight into how directors and boards view the next 12 months. Which major business trends do they expect will have the greatest impact on their companies? What are the areas where they hope to improve board performance next year? Which topics are the ones on which directors want to spend more time during board meetings? In addition, we assess how boards are currently engaging with management on the increasingly complex challenge of formulating strategy and drill down on the growing board imperative of corporate-culture oversight.

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