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To be eligible to join the Africa Institute of Directors, as a minimum, one needs to be a director or a senior manager of good standing of an entity (a body whose activities and strategies require direction) which is a solvent going concern of "substance" as well as the individual satisfying the Institute that one is interested in the promotion of the best interests of Directors.
For purposes of membership, a director includes being a member of the body that is responsible for the governance and strategic business direction of an entity and which makes the decisions that determine its success and integrity.
The following positions qualify as per the responsibility described above: a director or alternate director; a company secretary; a trustees; an executive; a partner or associate or senior manager of a professional practice e.g. accountants, architects, sockbrokers, attorneys; a member of a close corporation; a director – general; head of department or accounting officer or members of the accounting authority in the public sector; Tertiary academic personnel at the level of, or equivalent to, professor or senior lecturer.
Members are entitled to use the designation MAID behind their names.

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