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Find providers with expertise in corporate governance and other disciplines supporting the work of the board. Listed companies support AID’s knowledge network for directors as Partners and Governance Advocates. Inquire for details at AID

Corporate Governance Analytics
AID conducts qualitative reviews for companies to assess their governance policies and framework and compare these to global best practices. These reviews help family businesses as well as established corporations, set strong foundations for sustainable growth by allowing them to identify areas of improvement and ways and means to enhance their corporate governance policies and procedures.

What Is Corporate Governance?
Corporate Governance is the work done by a company's board of directors acting collegially.
Good corporate governance is critical to a country's global competitiveness and has been shown to have a direct correlation with corporate profitability and growth. Government and regulators require it. Companies of all sizes need it.
Good corporate governance protects and balances all stakeholder interests, strengthens business relationships, increases access to external financing, and leads to better operational performance.
It is through good governance that sustained returns and increased value can be delivered to the shareholders of a business, which in turn can help attract investment.
Good corporate governance is about doing what's right, and doing it well.

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