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Note :
Before proceeding please make sure you have following information
(CV / Profile, Photograph, Business card)    

Note :
Before proceeding please make sure you have following information
(Company profile & High Resolution Logo)


Each Member shall continue to be entitled be as Member of the Institute only for so long as he shall comply with the Code Of Professional Conduct of the Institute, with the applicable conditions and qualifications for Membership, and shall pay such Annual subscription/Life subscription, and other fees (if any) appropriate to his particular category of Membership, as shall for the time being be prescribed by, or in accordance with, the Institute bye-laws.        
Certificate of Membership will be issued, once the Membership category is decided and the due payment is received.

•    All Members will be required to subscribe to the AID Code of Professional Conduct. A Member shall:
•    Exercise leadership, enterprise and judgement in directing the company so as to achieve its continuing prosperity and act in the best interests of the company as a whole.
•    Follow the standards of Good practice and act accordingly and diligently.
•    Serve the legitimate interests of the Company’s shareholders.
•    Exercise responsibilities to employees, customers, suppliers and other relevant stakeholders, including the wider community.
•    Comply with relevant laws, regulations and Codes of practice, refrain from Anti competitive practices, and honor obligations and commitments.
•    At all times have a duty to respect the truth and act honestly in his/her business dealings and in the exercise of all his/her responsibilities as a director.
•    Avoid conflict between his/her personal interests, or the interests of any associated company or person, and his/her duties to the company.        •    Not make improper use of information acquired as a director or disclose, or allow to be disclosed, information confidential to the company.
•    Not recklessly or maliciously injure the professional reputation of another Member of the Africa Institute of Directors and not engage in any practice detrimental to the reputation and interest of the Institute or of the profession of Director.
•    Ensure that he/she keeps him/herself abreast of current good practice.
•    Set high personal standards by keeping aware of and adhering to this Code, both in the spirit and in the letter, and promoting it to other directors.
•    Applying the principles of this Code appropriately, when acting as a Director of a non commercial organization.
•    The Code is applicable to Members of all types and size of organization.

a. A person may cease to be Member of the Society:
•    On tendering his/her resignation in writing to the President of the Society; or
•    On his/her death; or
•    If the person has applied to be adjudicated insolvent or is an undischarged insolvent; or
•    If the person has been convicted by a Court or Tribunal of competent Jurisdiction of any offence involving moral turpitude; or
•    If the person found to conduct himself in a manner unbecoming of a Member of the Society by two-thirds of the other Members present and voting at a meeting of the Society called for the purpose of considering the conduct of the said Member        TERMS AND CONDITIONS
•    No individual who has not attained the age of 21 shall be eligible to become a Member.
•    The Committee shall in all cases have absolute discretion in deciding whether or not any person shall or shall not be admitted as a Member, or to postpone the admission of the applicant for Membership without giving any reason for so doing and notwithstanding that applicant may have fulfilled the conditions specified for Membership.
•    The Committee may decline to admit a person as a member notwithstanding that the person has already been assured of Membership by another branch of the Institute anywhere globally.
•    Every member shall at all times so order his/her conduct as to uphold the dignity and reputation of the Institute.

b. The Governing Council may at its sole discretion and on subject to such terms and conditions as the Council may, in its sole discretion consider appropriate, readmit any Member whose membership has been terminated pursuant to this Regulation.

c. In case of termination of Membership, such Member shall be communicated the reasons for termination, in writing.

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